Callaway Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood Mens RH/Lite Flex Bassara 42 Lite


Callaway Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood Mens RH/Lite Flex Bassara 42 Lite

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Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood
The Callaway Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood is a technical breakthrough and provides more distance and playability. The forged-Hyper Speed Face Cup technology ensures a higher ball speed and a modern Warbird sole improves the accuracy.
Ball speed thanks to the cup face technology
When we say that we you the maximum width of a fairway wood guarantee, we mean the seriously. And to achieve this promise, the bat with one of our forged Hyper Speed Face Cup must be a perfect fit. It is designed for high velocity, the the ball at great distances wear, whether in the centre made or not. Maximum playability and control
The head is bigger than our typical Fairway Woods. This extended flat bed ensures a higher MOI for greater fault Verzeihung. Also we have the racket Equipped with our legendary warbird sole to get the ball in different layers easy to make. Special Heavenw wood and divine nine options
‘Both of these clubs offer a unique combination and a lower dispersion than regular clubs configurations. The ‘Heavenw (20,5 ° loft for easy hitting – 43 “Shaft) and divine nine (24 °C, 42 Shaft) could be the perfect addition to your Club Set. OptiFit settings
The Fairway Wood of your choice A – you’ll have 8 possibilities to it. Adjust the driver choice a – you’ll have 8 possibilities to it. You can adjust the loft depending on the swing tip and reduce or increase the lie angle.* * Optifit adjustment not available in 7 W and divine 9