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Cheap Treadmills For Sale UK

A good treadmill provides you with a workout that not only gives you a cardiovascular challenge but it also tones your muscles too! Treadmills should provide you with a consistent surface, unlike the terrain you’ll run on outside.

High-quality treadmills will give you all the control you need for a perfect workout. So as an example you’ll be able to control the speed an incline of your machine. You should also have different modes on the machine like a warm-up and cool-down session!

The product you choose needs to fit in your home perfectly. If you’re stuck for space, have a look at some of the folding treadmills we offer. Treadmills that fold for easy storage are great for those with tighter spaces!

Buy From Premier Sports & Fitness

Premier Sports & Fitness is the number one gym and fitness equipment supplier where you can simply and securely buy treadmills online in the UK. A sturdy treadmill that will help you achieve your fitness goals doesn’t have to be out of your reach – everyone can find something to suit them on our online catalogue.

There are a wide range of different factors that make our specially chosen treadmills some of the best you can have delivered straight to your door. From a simple budget running machine to get you jogging towards a healthier lifestyle to a high-tech treadmill to help you train for a marathon; we have options for everyone.

No Fuss or Hassle

The problem with ordering fitness equipment from a known brand is that you will be severely limited in what you can choose. There may be many different models, but each will be underpinned by what that particular brand believes matters most in quality treadmills.

However, by choosing a UK treadmill supplier who is able to pick and choose from a wide array of different types, brands, and versions of fitness equipment, you’re left with a catalogue made up of the best models you can order online. This is why Premier Sports & Fitness is considered one of the leading suppliers in Great Britain, because we can offer something to suit everyone.

Strong, Durable, & Long-Lasting

There’s no use in ordering a treadmill that will only last 6-months before malfunctioning or before parts begin degrading. Instead, why not choose a treadmill that:

  1. Gives you all the features you required.
  2. Has a price-range which suits your own budget.
  3. Allows you to meet your own personal health and fitness goals.

These aspects are at the core of what Premier Sports & Fitness tries to provide alongside a first-class customer service and a speedy delivery when you buy treadmills online.

Know that when you place an order and buy any kind of gym machine from our online store, you’re getting something that will stand the test of time and give you the value-for-money you deserve.

Never settle for second-best when it comes to choosing a piece of fitness equipment to help you achieve your goals – you want to make sure you have the tools you need to make meaningful progress from day one.

Things to Consider

Getting your hands on a shiny new treadmill certainly is exciting, but before placing your order, there are a few things you should give some thought.


Your budget which is put aside for home gym equipment will play a big part in what type of treadmill you buy. While Premier Sports & Fitness make sure that our catalogue only contains high-quality machines, there are a couple of things to consider regarding how much to spend.

Treadmills under the £800 mark are a great way to get started, offering everything you need to start running at home. However, if you’re looking to get something that will stand the test of time and offer you all the features you’ll ever need, going above and beyond the £1500 level is recommended.

Have a good think and consider what works best for your own individual fitness level and what you can afford to invest.


Treadmill horsepower is essentially how well the motor of the machine can function – this will determine its efficiency and how well a workout the machine will give you.

Generally speaking, anything with around 1.5 to 2.0 horsepower will do fine, however, this will depend on how often and for how long a duration you plan on running. If you’re really getting into it for long-distance running, you may be better off with a treadmill which has around 3.0 horsepower.

Core Features

Of course, you’re going to want a treadmill which is going to allow you to exercise the way you want. This means there are some specifications you should make sure your chosen treadmill has been integrated with.

  1. Belt Speed – Going up to 11mph is recommended if you are in fact planning on doing consistent running.
  2. Overall Stability – Running on a shaky treadmill is bad news, for b0th your workout and your floor; ensure the frame is entirely stable.
  3. Decline & Incline – Ensure you choose a treadmill which allows for an incline and decline of around 15% if this is something you wish to take advantage of.
  4. User-Interface – The buttons you use to control the treadmill speed, incline, program, and more, should be easy to use and within reach at all times.


While every treadmill manufacturer will be different, you want to make sure that your chosen treadmill has a good 10+ year warranty, especially on integral components like the motor.

Premier Sports & Fitness aims to showcase running machines which come with value-for-money warranties from established manufacturers. Even with this in mind though, you should read up on your chosen model to make it has a warranty which suits your own individual needs.

Order Your Own Treadmill Online Today

With the large range of quality treadmills we have on our online store, why not pick and choose the right model for you and have it delivered straight to your doorstep? There’s never been a better time to beat high gym membership fees and start investing in a home gym – a good treadmill being a core part of that.

Take your first step towards building your own fitness and endurance in the comfort of your own home today, buy treadmills online in the UK from Premier Sports & Fitness now.