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While people tend to think of dumbbells and simply weighted handles which don’t require much thought, the reality is that a low-quality dumbbell can come with a number of negative outcomes. From unbalanced weight during a chest press to equipment that falls apart in a matter of weeks, bad dumbbells should be avoided at all costs. Instead, choose something first-class and premier.

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The right thing to do is to do your due diligence and find gym equipment, especially dumbbell sets, that you can depend on. Fortunately, you can find exactly that in the Premier Sports & Fitness catalogue. We only offer the very best in dumbbells and free weights that we can find, many of which we have tried and tested ourselves.

Whether you’re an individual trying to do some casual weightlifting exercises at home or an experienced veteran looking for genuine quality weights, you can find what you’re looking for right here. We stock everything from small 2kg weights for toning up with quick workouts to heavy 50kg dumbbells for building a strong chest and back.

What Dumbbells Do You Offer?

The Premier Sports and Fitness catalogue aims to have something fantastic to offer any and everyone. The different types of dumbbells we offer include:

When you buy dumbbells online, you need to make sure you are ordering something that suits your needs. There’s simply nothing worse than buying dumbbells online then finding out that they are not the right weights for you.

Adjustable dumbbells are suited mostly to those looking to workout and train at home as it allows for weightlifting without having to find the space for tons of equipment. Chrome dumbbells are also great for the home, but mostly suit those creating a gym, be it a commercial or a home gym. Solid rubber dumbbells are safer and less likely to cause damage in the home, very suited to beginners. Finally, hexagonal iron dumbbells are classics, well-balanced and practical which is great for veterans.

Versatile & Useful Weightlifting Equipment

One of the best reasons to buy dumbbells online is because of how useful they are for all manner of exercises and different types of training. Add to this fact that adjustable dumbbells allow for all different levels of intensity, there’s simply no limit to what you even do at home.

Goblet squats for your legs, weighted crunches for your core, dumbbell chest press for your chest, dumbbell rows for your back, tricep kickbacks for your triceps, and concentration curls for your biceps. In one sentence, you can see how buying dumbbells online can open all sorts of fitness opportunities even for those who train at home.

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