Could your lifestyle be killing you?

Being health aware and keeping your body in good shape is crucial to leading a quality lifestyle. Smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol and a poor diet can all contribute to diabetes, cancers and cause strokes.
Although at times, not directly associated to a poor lifestyle, these diseases can be life threatening. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid smoking. Let’s look at these factors could help your body in tip top condition.
You are what you eat

By eating a balanced diet, this will keep your heart healthy, mind active, immune system on top and deter cancers and strokes. Your meals should consist of proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates and be plentiful will fresh vegetables. As females consume less calories than men, their diet plans should differ to males. See here, for women’s diet guidance. Keep your skin and body hydrated by drinking lots of water and stay clear of sugary drinks and alcohol. Collectively you will feel better, be less lethargic and have a good digestion system. This will help prevent stomach cancers, digestive issues, lethargy and migraines.

Smoking yourself to death?

Regularly smoking can have serious detrimental effects on your health and lifestyle. The effects of smoking can include emphysema, respiratory disease and chronic bronchitis in addition to lung and throat cancer. Other complications include unhealthy skin, teeth and nails, persistent coughing, low mood, bad circulation and loss of appetite. The effects of nicotine can have many serious consequences which can be damaging to the body. If you experience severe breathlessness, sight issues, or feel unwell this could be contributed to your smoking habit. There are many ways you can overcome the addiction by seeking out advice from your local support group, GP, or online forums.
Excessive drinking and the effects

Consumption of alcohol to excess is another factor which can seriously damage your health and body. Memory loss, anxiety and blackouts are some of the effects that binge drinking will have on your body. Long-term drinking can have more serious effects such as serious mental health issues, brain damage, heart and circulation problems and alcohol dependence. It’s important to understand how alcohol can affect your body.  People who develop cirrhosis of the liver (often caused by too much alcohol) can develop liver cancer. Your stomach can also be heavily damaged by alcohol – drinking excessively can lead to internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, and cancer. Inflammation of the stomach can also have more serious impacts such as preventing food from being absorbed and the increase of stomach and bowel cancers. You may also experience high blood pressure – a leading cause of chronic kidney disease. Osteoporosis can develop as the bones weaken while as a result of high calories content in drinks, your weight can increase.

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