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World of Warcraft – Warrior Workout

July 22, 2017 / Video Game Workouts
World of Warcraft – Warrior Workout

Right laddy,You may of heard of me, cursed of my name, cursed by nature. The storms coming and am no travelling any further in this today so if ye fancy some training lets go.

Ya have tae to understand if you want to join the Bronzebeard Clan ye have to be well trained, disciplined and dutiful. Now if you don’t want Resurrection Sickness start by stretching. This is a full body workout laddy so be ready.

Ye see, us dwarfs are known to be able to put up a fight, we can endure the longest battles and fight monsters tripple our size.

Are ye ready to queue for our time in the battleground? (join queue for a battle ground)

  • Start by doing 10 jumping jacks then 10 butt kicks and repeat this 3 times.

If ye manage tae join a battle ground before ye get to complete all 3 – ye have tae repeat the process again. If you don’t, move onto doing 10 knee tucks, 5 back bows and plank for 30 seconds.

Hopefully by noo you’ve found yersel a battle but if no we best keep the blood pumpin and move onto doing pushups x 20. If you have tae stop, take a break and start again.  If ye are feeling a bit exhausted sit doon and hold yer legs out.


Now! if you’ve found a battle heres what you have to do-

  • If you activate a quest objective – stand up off your chair (squat position) while you activate this. Grabbing, activating or returning the flag or base.

  • If you die and have 30 seconds before you ress – high knees as fast as you can.

  • Summon a mount you stand up into a calf raise.

Goodluck laddy!



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