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Why use Premier Sports

We pick our team wisely – we look for highly qualified trainers who are passionate about their job. We want people who love helping people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to be in shape? Feel you’ve gained weight? theirs loads of reasons people want to get themselves a personal trainer but a lot of people don’t see the point in it too. Getting a PT can make a massive difference in your training, they keep count, they’re basically your therapist too, they keep things fun and they know there stuff!

Gyms in the city center of Glasgow can be daunting as they’re so busy, so getting yourself a personal trainer can help you overcome that gym fear too. Our Personal trainers are scattered around town – they don’t all work at the same gym. Have a look below, check out their profiles, read their reviews, visit their social media and hopefully you’ve made a decision after that!

Best of luck!

Fitness in Glasgow

Improve your fitness through a personally-tailored program. Glasgow is an active city, we have loads going on. You can find yourself classes in Muay Thai, Ping Pong, Fencing, Bowling etc etc. However we know how hard it can be to stay fit in Glasgow too. There is loads of distractions, terrible but tasty fast food options everywhere, a really good club scene and there is always loads of events on. So we get how hard it can be to stick to a routine and stay in the gym.

Thats where our personal trainers come in. We keep you accountable and push you to your limits. Just when you think you can’t go anymore these guys can help u squeeze those extra reps out! Our personal trainers will also help you from plateauing as they’ve always got a new workout up their sleave. Getting a Personal Trainer in Glasgow is pretty easy.. there’s quite a few but how easy is it picking one who suits you?

Experts in Muscle tone and development
Looking to build muscle or strength? want to tone up for summer? check these guys out

Healthy Food Glasgow

There are loads of healthy restaurants glasgow to go to if you’re looking to keep on top of your nutritional plan. You’ve got Marthas, Primal Roast, Cafe Hula, Fit Food Bistro, Gulliver’s Cafe, The fruit canteen and more! Most of these places have options for Vegas, Gluten free, dairy free diets etc! We know how annoying it can be when you’re on the go and needing a place to go to find healthy food glasgow so heres our three favourites below!

Prep Fitness Kitchen


Here at Prep Fitness Kitchen you will find delicious, nutritious food! If you’re training well you’ll need the right food to keep your energy up! Prep Fitness Kitchen is one of the best places to go in Glasgow for guilt free snacking! Prep Fitness Kitchen aims to offer a variet of different options catering to everyone like gluten free, dairy free and food for vegas. So If you’re out and about in Glasgow and looking for a tasy nutritious meal head on over to Prep Fitness Kitchen!

The Fitness Food Company

fitness foodddd

Old school butchers, the three sons who created the Fitness Food Company have had butchers in the family since the 50s! Supplying meat and veg to respected hotels, restaurants and caterers all around Scotland you can be sure to pick up some quality nutritious food here at The Fitness Food Company. The three brothers who were fed up seeing crash diet plans, fad products etc wanted to create something that made a healthy lifestyle more manageable They’ve created a convenient home delivery service that brings quality nutrition right to your front door at an affordable price!

K Cal


A nutritional focused healthy restaurant and smoothie bar in Glasgow. If you’re looking for a healthy takeaway glasgow that serves protein waffles, burgers, wraps, breakfast bundles, smoothies and more check out Kcal!

Glasgow Gyms

The Gym


The Gym Group have multiple gyms scattered around Glasgow. You’ve got one on Bothwell Street, theres a The Gym on Paisley road and one on Cathcart road too!



Pure Gym have multiple gyms in Glasgow. The price for Pure Gym isn’t too crazy and you get pretty good classes with them as well. Check out PureGym Glasgow Bath Street, PureGym Glasgow Robroyston

Glasgow Fitness Gym


Its one of Glasgows best value gyms around! They offer Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA classes that are perfect for anyone looking to get in shape, learn self defence or compete!

Other than the three above you can find all other Glasgow gyms listed here on our gym and class finder –

You will find Gym Timetables, contact information, membership prices and more there!

Activites in Glasgow

Ryze Glasgow


Head on down to RYZE Xtreme Air Sports Park Glasgow and have a good time! Ryze has activites like Dodgeball, ninja courses and ultimate basketball. You can also book the place for birthday parties! Ryze also provide fitness classes too.

The Griphouse


If you’re looking for a MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling or a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Glasgow you’ve found the right place! The griphouse offer a range of different classes that are suitable for all skill levels.

The Gym