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The Five Most Important Factors of Fat Loss

July 18, 2017 / Fitness Tips, General

When it comes to fat loss, the GYM or exercise might be the first thing that pops in to your mind but have you considered other points that might plateau your progress? Other than duration, frequency or intensity of your workouts you should consider these points below:-
(I’ve numbered them in importance)

1 – Nutrition
2 – Sleep
3 – Stress
4 – Daily Movement
5 – Training

All of the above are the factors of losing weight and if you want to achieve the very best results possible then you need to find ways of improving each step. Look, if one or more of those areas are suffering then your weight loss will suffer drastically.


Most of the time people eat food their bodies don’t need… we over eat and they attempt to work it off with exercise but that doesn’t really sound like the best idea now does it? It just typically won’t get you the results you think you will get as doing loads of exercise typically makes you want to eat more.

Over eating and stressing too much can also lead to insulin rsistance.

Nutrition: Exercise less, eat less

What you eat and how much of it are the most important factors when it comes to losing body fat. Often, people eat more food than their bodies need, and then they attempt to “work it off” with exercise, but that typically doesn’t lead to the results they thought they’d get. Doing obscene amounts of exercise usually further increases appetite for many people, which leads to eating even more than necessary, so they add more exercise to “balance things out”—it becomes a vicious cycle.

Sometimes you might find that the exercise less and eat less approach will work better. This is usually because it prevents them having an increased appetite from working out. Give this a try for the next couple of weeks, chill and enjoy the gym on smaller doses. So shorten the duration, go less or just don’t go as intense in the gym and you’ll be fine.


When you’re tired your cravings for carbs and sweets go through the roof. This happens because when you’re in a sleep deficit your bodies way of combating this is to make you hungry so you can gain more energy.. Your willpower will also tank and ultimately you’re going to crash out on terrible foods.

Sleep is vital for good health and if you’re short on sleep it will affect everything from your mood, hormones, stress levels, appetite, energy, will power and your ability to train hard and recover well. So if you love your bed then this should be music to your ears. MAKE sure you get minimum 7 hours sleep per night or else there is a great chance this could hinder your fat loss.

For the next few weeks try make a plan to get a bit more sleep and establishing a bedtime routine could work wonders for you.


We’re all stressed at some point and sometimes we’re that used to it that we don’t actually realise how stressed we are until breaking point. This isn’t surprising between juggling jobs, partners, kids, pets and everything else us as human beings seem to be dealing with extremely high levels of stress and honestly this is an article in itself. Managing your stress has to be taking seriously.

Sometimes stress is good but in terms of fat loss, stress can prevent us from getting a good nights sleep and will contribute to emotional eating. So try bring down your stress the best you can.

Daily Movement

Most people tend to sit for more than 8 hours a day which makes them inactive. It’s extremely important to get up and move your body as much as you possibly can. There is a LOT of problems that can arise from sitting for long periods of time plus overtime you move you add to your energy expenditure. If you’re hitting the gym several times a week you should still think of ways to increase your physical activity outside of it. So taking the dog a walk, taking the stairs rather than the lift, park further away, walk to the shops, walk to pick the kids up from school etc etc. It all adds up, so try and get creative and move your body!


Training is important as it helps preserve muscle, it fixes imbalances, keeps your heart healthy, improves bone density and most importantly helps you gain confidence. We’ve got a full site dedicated to training tips so check that out. We also have links to Fitness DVDs you can try at home, you could try some of these:-

Charlottes 3 min bum blitz –

Davinas –

Scarlets -

So If:
you’r nutrition is on point,
you’r getting those well needed hours in bed
you’re keeping your stress levels in check and
you’re moving about and burning extra calories
then you should find it easier to reach your goals.

Work on improving each step and as a collective they will help you reap the goals you’re looking for.

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