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Crack on with it

September 3, 2017 / Fitness Tips
Crack on with it


Right now I’m extremely busy, I’m burning the candle at both ends and I’m finding it extremely hard to get to the gym. That being said, I’m still going. Here’s a bunch of advice and tips that I use, I hope it helps!

Get the pots on

Every morning I put a cup of coffee on. I find that when i consume caffeine I’m able to work longer and train harder.


Fill your tank

Get a good breakfast in you! These might seem like obvious tips but I don’t miss my full English breakfast ever!

Set a goal

Set short term goals. Think more on the lines of lose 2lbs by Friday or add 10kg to my deadlift in a week! not get shredded in time for Ibiza!

Phone a friend

You’re more likely to hit the gym if you’ve got a buddy there with you. Having someone who is stronger than you boosts your intensity of your own session by 200%! mental! so hit the gym with your ripped pal!

Bank on it

Use the app Pact to help motivate you! It charges you every time you don’t go to the gym and will pay you every time you do. I honestly love this idea! You can earn between $0.30 and £5 a week if you hit your targets.

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