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23 Jul



Anthony Joshua golf fail!

Tag a mate who is as dodgy at golf as Anthony Joshua 😂

Publié par Soccer AM sur dimanche 23 juillet 2017

23 Jul

Abi Clarke, former Only Way Is Essex star is Floyd Mayweathers British girlfriend. She’s been subjected to horrific abuse in the lead up to her partners big bout with Conor McGregor. Fans of McGregor haven’t taken too kindly to Abi and just recently the Daily Star claim she had a brick thrown through her window.

Abi who won’t go to the police because she doesn’t see the point has been dealing with this for much longer than the fight. Apparantly Abi has been to the police before but won’t do much as she is in the public eye!

McGregor fans.. really? simmer doon.

The papers report that a brick was thrown through her window at 3 am with a note that said “Fuck the Mayweathers”. Earlier in the week Abi was confronted by three men who said “You plastic slag.. You’re loose. Mayweather’s gonna die.”


22 Jul


If you don’t know by now Mcgregor will face Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas and for the last few weeks they’ve been doing press conferences. Mcgregor did wear a pinstripe suit where the lighter stripes actually said ‘Fuck You’ hundreds of times. You can pick the suit up at David Augusts online store for $6,500.