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22 Oct

It all started the first time I ever watched Fight Club. Brad Pitt took his shirt off and started clubbing guys across the face and I was scrambling to get a hold of an Argos catalogue so I could purchase a chin up bar and a “6 Minutes Abs” contraption. Fight Club made me want to do push ups.


The amount of discipline it takes to look like that is incredible and I’m too fond of beer and the occasional four pack of donuts to ever be as ripped as what Pitt was in Fight Club but a man can dream. Later on in the film Tyler says “is that what a man looks like with his shirt off?” when discussing a 6 pack drenched GAP advert on the bus so to be honest I don’t know what to think. Some actors have the unbelievable discipline and drive it takes to change their bodies in drastic ways, all to play the role of their dreams. I’m Tosh from Pop Nonsense and here are six actors who drastically changed their bodies for their roles.


Tom Hardy

To be fair Mr Hardy could appear on this list quite a few times but the role that we want to talk about in particular was when he became the United Kingdom’s most violent prisoner Charlie Bronson. Tom Hardy has always looked pretty healthy or easy on the eyes as my mum likes to say but for his role in Bronson Hardy had to change his shape and his look. Charlie Bronson has released books about his strongman feats and his fitness regime. In his younger years on the outside of prison he was a notorious street fighter. Hardy had to bulk up to look like Bronson (as well as shave his head and grow a killer moustache) but this was never going to be about the six pack this was always going to be about strength and raw power. Hardy had to eat loads and do nothing but work out to get the physique he needed. In actual fact there was very little in the way of weight training and his routines consisted mainly of push ups, dips, pull ups and hundreds upon hundreds of variations of these exercises. Spending all his time doing isolated lifts wouldn’t give Hardy the bulky look he needed. Full body compound lifting was the way forward to becoming the main who has lived the majority of his life in a 6 foot squares prison cell. What a film it is too!


Christian Bale

Bale starred in the dark tale The Machinist in 2004 he had whittled himself down to a minuscule 110 pounds. It was rumoured that he wanted to drop down to 100 pounds but he was strongly advised by medical professionals to sway against the idea. Bale plays Trevor Reznik a man who is plagued by insomnia and as with all his roles Bale took this one very seriously. He had said in interviews that we would play a game with himself to see how long he could go without eating to lose the weight and surviving long periods of time on a diet that consisted of coffee and apples. As incredible as that is it’s what happened next which is the most unbelievable feat. Bales next film was the 2005 Christopher Nolan retelling of the birth of the Caped Crusader, Batman Begins. Bale transformed his body again from 110 pounds of bone into 210 pounds of pure DC muscle.


Hugh Jackman

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without the man who has defined the Wolverine character for damn near 20 years! He’s the only actor to appear in every single X Men film which includes his hilarious cameo appearance in X Men The First Class and unlike some of the others on this list underneath that T Shirt he looks like Wolverine all the time. He has pretty much admitted that his role in X Men has defined his lifestyle and he is in the gym and eating clean constantly. Henry Cavill (Superman) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) have to put in extra gym sessions and make massive changes to their diets when it comes to their shirtless scenes but for Jackman he doesn’t need to do much in the way of extra work. His training regime is rigorous and as you can see in X Men, X2, X Men the Last Stand, X Men Origins, X Men Days of Future Past, X Men Apocalypse and Logan the man adored his time playing the Wolverine and he will be sadly missed now that he has decided to walk away from the character. No doubt his training will continue though.


Chris Pratt

Funny man Chris Pratt has changed phenomenally and as I’m sure you will already be well aware of this but it wasn’t easy for him. It was only through sheer determination, strong will power and a total change in mental attitude that Pratt was able to achieve his goals. He is almost unrecognisable now. His role as Owen in Jurassic World has changed the public perception of Pratt turning him from sidekick to leading man and with a sequel penned in for 2018 entitled Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom we will be seeing a lot more of Pratt. His workout for roles like Star Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are as intense as his work ethic. Pratt managed to drop 60 pounds in 6 months for the role and it was rumoured that he weighed almost 300 pounds at his initial audition.


Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal had bulked up more than once for roles. Take Jarhead for example, Gyllenhaal added some muscle for the role as a US Soldier but he took his training uber serious for his part in Southpaw.Gyllenhaal wanted to look like a real boxer so to help him achieve this he cranked out 1000 situps a day as well has his usual training regime. To play Billy Hope, Gyllenhaal spent 8 months working and refining his boxing skills along with some intense strength training.


Mark Wahlberg

Marky Mark is no stranger to the gym but when You are standing side by side with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Pain and Gain you can see why he kicked it up a notch. Wahlberg packed on 20 pounds of muscle in 2 months the old fashioned way. Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull ups and heavy weights. Add in 12 square meals a day and you can understand why you looked so big in Pain and Gain.


Written by Tosh from the Pop Nonsense Team!

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07 May

Zac Efron’s Official Workout DAY 1 Chest Shoulder Triceps

Workout plan consists of a 3 day split – back and biceps – Legs and Abs & also chest triceps and shoulders. 

But you do a little bit of abs each day

Monday – Chest first

Dumbbells front raises – feel in front felt.  lighten weight – try get 8 to 12 reps.. 3 sets.

Whats cool is this is a super set we then move onto cable side raises. This focuses on the side felt so we are working both the front Delt and the side Delt giving you a really good shoulder pump.  Like 3 sets is enough to get a good shoulder pump. We then move onto the bench press – lighten up the weight on it though. 8-12 reps and feeling it in the chest. Again this is a super set after the bench press you’re straight into the push ups. Its solid! 

After the push ups you move onto the incline dumbell presses. Try get about 30 degrees on the bench. Focus on hitting your upper chest and really squeeze! this is a super set too after this you’re straight onto the shoulder presses. Sitted or standing – Mix it up!. 

Really focus on controlling the muscle groups. 

Move onto Cable Flies next. Its not really a fly, its more of a press really.  8-12 reps! 

Triceps are up next! – You’re working your tris through the full workout, they’re constantly engaged so you only need to do this one exercise. You’re super setting the Tricep Pushdowns with biceps curls too. 

So here it is again summarised! 

Every Exercise is 3 Sets of 8/12 reps. CONTROL THE WEIGHT

Also, everything is supersetted meaning doing two exercises in a row with no rest. 

  • Dumbell Front Raises SS Cable Lateral Side Raises
  • Bench Press/Dumbell Bench Press SS Push Ups
  • Incline Dumbell Press SS Shoulder Press
  • Cable Push/Fly SS Poly Half Ball Push UP Jumps
  • Tricep Rope Push Down SS Dumbell Bicep Curl


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