Gym King

Gym King, a brand that was launched in 2014 has done extremely well. This is down to the high quality stylish clothes their collection offers.

Created for the Gym, the brand has clearly done something right with a strong following around the uk. With a collection that is constantly expanding and creating new designs and styles we had to have them on Premier Sports and Fitness. GK offers something for every occasion, they offer the best quality and style, especially for the gym.

Check out Gym King’s Instagram if you want a glimps of how good these clothes look! 

Look, there isn’t much worse than hitting the gym looking a mess! Theres no reason to not look good while your working out too! Gym King solves that for everyone, they offer clothes that are comfortable and look good! The ergonomically designed pieces give you the freedom of movement you need while working out.

GK launched in 2014, so they’re kinda still new to the block but don’t be daft, they’ve shown they can compete with the big boys. The brand’s range keeps on growing and getting better.

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