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24 Jul

Well, I was sitting thinking there about what sort of content I would like to see on this and a few things sprung to mind. Basically I’m looking to have a little something for everyone on this site and if they would like more in depth content I’ll build a site for that.

Yesterday we added sports categories and today I’ll be adding Airsoft, F1 and Rugby as sports categories too. I’ve also created a Lifestyle category!

The site is growing pretty quickly and I’m putting a LOT of data into it fast. I’d love some help though so if you think this sort of stuff floats your boat just send me over an email! Any suggestions would be appreciated too 🙂


23 Jul



Anthony Joshua golf fail!

Tag a mate who is as dodgy at golf as Anthony Joshua 😂

Publié par Soccer AM sur dimanche 23 juillet 2017

23 Jul

Abi Clarke, former Only Way Is Essex star is Floyd Mayweathers British girlfriend. She’s been subjected to horrific abuse in the lead up to her partners big bout with Conor McGregor. Fans of McGregor haven’t taken too kindly to Abi and just recently the Daily Star claim she had a brick thrown through her window.

Abi who won’t go to the police because she doesn’t see the point has been dealing with this for much longer than the fight. Apparantly Abi has been to the police before but won’t do much as she is in the public eye!

McGregor fans.. really? simmer doon.

The papers report that a brick was thrown through her window at 3 am with a note that said “Fuck the Mayweathers”. Earlier in the week Abi was confronted by three men who said “You plastic slag.. You’re loose. Mayweather’s gonna die.”


23 Jul

So the latest big transfer, Neymar to PSG has made us all forget that it was not that long ago that the big story was Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Spain, potentially for France. The real madrid forward has given his rival advice.

At the beginning of the summer Ronaldo was so pissed off with being under investigation for alleged tax evasion that he was about to leave Spain. Real Madrid obviously weren’t too chuffed about the idea. It all seems to of died down a bit and the big news now is Neymar wants to leave Barca and Spain in order to head to France to become the world’s best player.

So news is Ronaldo is telling one of Barca’s most important players to stay put and well.. the Madridistas might not be too happy with that as they’ll be over the moon with the idea of Neymar leaving.

Cristiano Ronaldo


So Will Neymar or Ronaldo leave Spain?

22 Jul


If you don’t know by now Mcgregor will face Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas and for the last few weeks they’ve been doing press conferences. Mcgregor did wear a pinstripe suit where the lighter stripes actually said ‘Fuck You’ hundreds of times. You can pick the suit up at David Augusts online store for $6,500.



22 Jul


Image result for table tennis


Forgetting the fact it is great fun, table tennis or ping pong can be a great way to burn calories and get yourself fit! It can be a fast paced competitive sport that really gets you moving. We recently just got a table in the office and I’ve found it has been a great way for me to break up the day. If I’m blogging and start feeling a little drained, a quick game of ping pong gives me the quick break i need to come back to my work refreshed.

Here are 10+ health benefits of Ping Pong:

  1. Playing Improves hand-eye coordination. It is the perfect game for young people to sharpen reflexes!
  2. It stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. 
  3. You will develop mental acuity. The speed, spin and placement of the ball are crucial in table tennis. Well practiced players know their stuff and are skilled in creating and solving puzzles involving speed, spin and placement of the ball.
  4. Improved reflexes. Due to the fast-paced nature of the game and the fact its relatively short distance you will find both gross and fine muscle movements are improved.
  5. Its easy on the joints. Got back problems, had knee surgery? twist your ankle a lot? you should give table tennis a go as its a great way to improve your leg, arm and core strength without putting a LOT of pressure on the joints.
  6. You’ll burn calories. Its a fun way to burn calories too. For example if you’re a 150 pound person and play a high speed game of table tennis you will on average burn 270 calories.
  7. Low risk of injury. The worst that can happen is you get hit with a plastic ball! i mean really you don’t have any risk of collisions, tripping up or getting hit with anything hard.
  8. Improved balance. Its a great sport for the elderly.
  9. Keeps your brain sharp!
  10. Ping pong is a fantastic social game.
  11. Improved coordination. The ball moves quick so trying to follow where it goes as your opponent hits it will help improve your hand-eye coordination.

Trust me when I say its really not as simple as it looks. Just do a quick Youtube search and you’ll find loads of tutorials on different ways to hit the ball etc. It is quite a technical game!

Now for the workplace I can see why table tennis is a great addition. Especially for people for people where where creativity is essential, its a great way to break things up.

I’ve recently found this site too – – its a leaderboard site for your games in the office!



22 Jul

Right laddy,You may of heard of me, cursed of my name, cursed by nature. The storms coming and am no travelling any further in this today so if ye fancy some training lets go.

Ya have tae to understand if you want to join the Bronzebeard Clan ye have to be well trained, disciplined and dutiful. Now if you don’t want Resurrection Sickness start by stretching. This is a full body workout laddy so be ready.

Ye see, us dwarfs are known to be able to put up a fight, we can endure the longest battles and fight monsters tripple our size.

Are ye ready to queue for our time in the battleground? (join queue for a battle ground)

  • Start by doing 10 jumping jacks then 10 butt kicks and repeat this 3 times.

If ye manage tae join a battle ground before ye get to complete all 3 – ye have tae repeat the process again. If you don’t, move onto doing 10 knee tucks, 5 back bows and plank for 30 seconds.

Hopefully by noo you’ve found yersel a battle but if no we best keep the blood pumpin and move onto doing pushups x 20. If you have tae stop, take a break and start again.  If ye are feeling a bit exhausted sit doon and hold yer legs out.


Now! if you’ve found a battle heres what you have to do-

  • If you activate a quest objective – stand up off your chair (squat position) while you activate this. Grabbing, activating or returning the flag or base.

  • If you die and have 30 seconds before you ress – high knees as fast as you can.

  • Summon a mount you stand up into a calf raise.

Goodluck laddy!



18 Jul


Can you do a pull up? no? here’s some tips!

Do you want to learn how to do a pull up? The thing about a pull up  is its a compound, pull-type exercise. It works a lot of muscles in your back, shoulders and arms at the same time. So do you want to learn how to do a pull up?

Pull ups can be performed by grasping a bar with a firm overhand grip. Your hands should be separated by about shoulder width and when your arms are straightened you will then pull yourself up so your chin touches the bar. Try and keep your body straight, don’t arch or swing. When your chin is over the bar you can lower yourself so your arms are straightened again. Don’t relax too much when your arms are straight as it can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

Pull ups are bloody hard, especially if you’re just starting to workout.

A lot of people struggle with these and find it very hard to do just one. The problem people face usually is they’re not too sure on how to get that one pull up done. “How can you work on them to get better if you can’t do one?” people usually say. Look, if thats you then you’ll find a great deal of advice in this article and I guarantee you if you stick to this article even just a little bit you’ll be able to achieve your first pull up soon. If you’re joining the army you’ll especially want to learn how to do a pull up before you go.

Why are pull ups so good for you?

  • Pullups are a great exercise for strengthening your back muscles, shoulders, chest and arms.
  • They’re fantastic for building grip strength and improving your posture.
  • If you’re wanting a stronger core then this is an ideal exercise for you.

Here is a list of muscles they work… pretty mental eh?

Middle and lower trapezius Rhomboids Pectoralis major and minor
Deltoids Infraspinatus Latissimus
Dorsi Teres major Subscapularis
Biceps brachii Brachialis Brachioradialis
Flexor carpi radialis Flexor carpi ulnaris Palmaris longus
Flexor digitorum profundus Flexor digitorum superficialis Flexor pollicis longus
External oblique Erector spinae


Just have a look at this video above first.

Heres a few tips to get you started.

  • The more you weigh, the more you have to lift so… If you’re truly serious about completing a pull up then you need to get your diet under control. Theres different diets you can do but I’m a big fan of the Paleo Diet. If you manage to keep this under control and stay consistent you will lose weight and you’ll be able to lift yourself much easier.
  • Back Muscles are a priority. Most people leave their back related muscle exercises till last. Heres a new rule – after you stretch and warm up the first exercise you do is the one you want to work the most. So, in this case it’ll be your back.

You should also remember that your grip might just not be up to par.

Your grip strength isn’t up to par!

If you don’t come from a sports background or work in a physically demanding job then you’re probably not going to have much grip… If your grip strength isn’t sufficient to hold your body weight then there is a slim chance you can do a pull up. Read my post here on improving your grip strength.


How to do a pull up

Okay, if you still want to learn how to do a pull up then start with these exercises. 

Exercise 1: Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

This is one of the most basic back exercises and is probably one of the best to start with if you’re starting from square one. Okay so here is the plan, three sets of 8 reps with 2 minute break between sets. Once you can do this successfully, up those weights!

Exercise 2: Body Weight Rows

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the regular barbell row! unfortunately its pretty easy to have improper form with this exercise and cause injury or just give u a pretty shitty workout. This is why I like the inverted row for people trying to get their first pull up done. The inverted row gets you used to your bodyweight and doesn’t add any extra stress to your back. This makes it PERFECT to get you used to doing a pull up, they use the same muscles but just at a slightly different angle and you can use the smith machine to change the height of the bar depending on your level.

So heres how you do an inverted row

  • Set the bar at a height that will be challenging enough for you to complete 3 sets of 8 reps. 
  • Lie on the floor underneath the bar
  • Grab the bar with your palms facing away from you.
  • Contract your abs, and try to keep your body a completely straight line.
  • Pull yourself up to the bar until your chest touches the bar.
  • Now Lower yourself back down to the starting position.
  • Once you can do your 3 sets of 8 reps, lower the bar!


Exercise 3: Assisted Pull Ups

I’m not a big fan of this one but it is better than doing nothing! You can try this with a chair, exercise band or a partner if you don’t have access to the machine.


Exercise 4: Negative Pull Ups

Okay if you don’t have a rubber band, someone to hold your feet, a machine or even a chair… but you do have a bar.  Then we can do negative rep pull ups. So heres what you do, just jump up above the bar and lower yourself slowly until your at the bottom. Please beware though that this is very very dangerous if you’re overweight. Negative reps is a great way to build arm and back strength! Keep your movement slow and controlled and engage the upper body muscles to give more tension during the exercise.

Here is why Negative pull ups are so good. Overloaded Eccentrics is a fancy way of saying lowering heavy weights slowly. They’re a great way to recruit more muscle fibres and motor units and is a great effective method for increasing strength and triggering hypertrophy.

This method can be used…

  • As a finisher to a pulling or pull-up workout. Just add a few negative reps to the end of your normal workout.
  • To pre-exhaust back and arms. Start your workout with negative-only pull-ups.
  • To excite and “potentiate” the central nervous system.



Exercise 5 – Chin Ups and Pull Ups

It’s time to do your pull up! Depending on your weight, fitness levels and strength and how far along you are in these excercises but you’re probably by now going to be able to manage one pull up! You may find it easier starting with a chin up, thats where your palms face towards you.  If you want you can read about my chin up advice in my other article. Just try focus on keeping your butt clenched, your abs and core tight and get your chin above the bar!

Whats next?

Once you can easily crack out 3 sets of 10 pull ups/chin ups you can then move onto the following:-

  1. Get better at doing more reps i.e 3 sets of 20.
  2. Try other types of pull ups like wide grip pull-ups or go side to side etc etc
  3. Get a weighted belt and add more weight to your pull ups.

Theres a lot more to write about so I’ll be touching up on this article over time.

Need a pull up bar? check out the Powerbar 2

18 Jul

When it comes to fat loss, the GYM or exercise might be the first thing that pops in to your mind but have you considered other points that might plateau your progress? Other than duration, frequency or intensity of your workouts you should consider these points below:-
(I’ve numbered them in importance)

1 – Nutrition
2 – Sleep
3 – Stress
4 – Daily Movement
5 – Training

All of the above are the factors of losing weight and if you want to achieve the very best results possible then you need to find ways of improving each step. Look, if one or more of those areas are suffering then your weight loss will suffer drastically.


Most of the time people eat food their bodies don’t need… we over eat and they attempt to work it off with exercise but that doesn’t really sound like the best idea now does it? It just typically won’t get you the results you think you will get as doing loads of exercise typically makes you want to eat more.

Over eating and stressing too much can also lead to insulin rsistance.

Nutrition: Exercise less, eat less

What you eat and how much of it are the most important factors when it comes to losing body fat. Often, people eat more food than their bodies need, and then they attempt to “work it off” with exercise, but that typically doesn’t lead to the results they thought they’d get. Doing obscene amounts of exercise usually further increases appetite for many people, which leads to eating even more than necessary, so they add more exercise to “balance things out”—it becomes a vicious cycle.

Sometimes you might find that the exercise less and eat less approach will work better. This is usually because it prevents them having an increased appetite from working out. Give this a try for the next couple of weeks, chill and enjoy the gym on smaller doses. So shorten the duration, go less or just don’t go as intense in the gym and you’ll be fine.


When you’re tired your cravings for carbs and sweets go through the roof. This happens because when you’re in a sleep deficit your bodies way of combating this is to make you hungry so you can gain more energy.. Your willpower will also tank and ultimately you’re going to crash out on terrible foods.

Sleep is vital for good health and if you’re short on sleep it will affect everything from your mood, hormones, stress levels, appetite, energy, will power and your ability to train hard and recover well. So if you love your bed then this should be music to your ears. MAKE sure you get minimum 7 hours sleep per night or else there is a great chance this could hinder your fat loss.

For the next few weeks try make a plan to get a bit more sleep and establishing a bedtime routine could work wonders for you.


We’re all stressed at some point and sometimes we’re that used to it that we don’t actually realise how stressed we are until breaking point. This isn’t surprising between juggling jobs, partners, kids, pets and everything else us as human beings seem to be dealing with extremely high levels of stress and honestly this is an article in itself. Managing your stress has to be taking seriously.

Sometimes stress is good but in terms of fat loss, stress can prevent us from getting a good nights sleep and will contribute to emotional eating. So try bring down your stress the best you can.

Daily Movement

Most people tend to sit for more than 8 hours a day which makes them inactive. It’s extremely important to get up and move your body as much as you possibly can. There is a LOT of problems that can arise from sitting for long periods of time plus overtime you move you add to your energy expenditure. If you’re hitting the gym several times a week you should still think of ways to increase your physical activity outside of it. So taking the dog a walk, taking the stairs rather than the lift, park further away, walk to the shops, walk to pick the kids up from school etc etc. It all adds up, so try and get creative and move your body!


Training is important as it helps preserve muscle, it fixes imbalances, keeps your heart healthy, improves bone density and most importantly helps you gain confidence. We’ve got a full site dedicated to training tips so check that out. We also have links to Fitness DVDs you can try at home, you could try some of these:-

Charlottes 3 min bum blitz –

Davinas –

Scarlets -

So If:
you’r nutrition is on point,
you’r getting those well needed hours in bed
you’re keeping your stress levels in check and
you’re moving about and burning extra calories
then you should find it easier to reach your goals.

Work on improving each step and as a collective they will help you reap the goals you’re looking for.

17 Jul

I grew up watching wrestling and if I’m honest with you I still do. When I was 8 the king of the wrestling world was Hulk Hogan and I was obsessed with him. I was like every other kid, all I wanted to do was be like the Hulkster and my dream was to be a professional wrestler. That dream disappeared and frittered away like so many others but the one thing that has stuck with me into my adult life was trying to get 24 Inch biceps like the Hulkster and let me tell you that is no easy feat. When it comes to biceps everyone gets results fast but they seems to plateau and some point and trying to get gains gets harder and harder but let me tell you this brother! I have some tips here to kick start the guns and they don;’t involved taking your vitamins, drinking your milk or saying your prayers (well maybe it has a little with drinking milk.)

When trying to grow your biceps its not all about adding in random sets or crazy exercises. Its all about intensity. One of the things you can do straight away is drop sets.

I use drop sets all the time and I always get the results I’m looking for. In a nutshell a drop set is this. Do an exercise until failure. Drop the weight. Do the exercise till failure. Drop the Weight and repeat this until you have worked your way down to zero in weight.

My advice is use a selectorised stack machine if you can. Get your gym buddy to change the weight as quickly as possible for you. If you can add several pins in at your different weight then even better. Just pull the pins out and lift, pull the pin and lift.

If you are using a barbell then you can see that this might cause you some problems. You’re probably better making the switch to barbells to keep the momentum up.

Drop Sets are not about building strength. They are all about building mass. They are perfect for increasing muscle size (hypertrophy) but if you are training for athletics and strength then avoid drop sets like the plague!

How Do Drop Sets Work

Imagine you are busting out between 8-12 sets with 120 pound bicep curls. You reach rep 10 and its getting hard. You at rep 11 and you can feel it starting to burn. Your putting everything you have got into rep 12 but you manage to dig deep and you have just enough left in the tank to hit number 13 and now you have hit complete failure. WRONG!

You my friend have hit complete failure at 120 pounds. I think you will find if you drop the weight down to 100 pounds you could squeeze out a few more. Thats the whole idea of drop sets . The majority of the time we feel like we have hot absolute failure when in actual fact we haven’t.

When you perform a straight set until failure you haven’t used every single fibre in a group. You have only used the necessary fibres to lift a particular weight for that amount of reps. By doing drop sets you are engaging more of the fibres.

Drop sets were made popular by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, he likes to call them stripping sets. If you want to be like Arnie then I suggest you give yourself zero rest in between sets. That way you will be targeting those deep fibres that are extremely hard to reach.

Of course you must be eating right for muscle growth. You body is built in the kitchen remember so make sure you are getting the carbs and the protein you need to build those biceps and who knows if you work hard maybe one day you too can have a set of 24 inch pythons!