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Eliza Graham // Author

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20 Aug

If you’re someone who doesn’t like taking a break much, the sort of person that skips rest days, then please listen up! While its amazing to be dedicated skipping your recovery is doing you harm!

Here’s what happens to your body when you don’t take the time to recover from intense exercise (or endurance events!):

  • Glycogen stores are depleted. Your glycogen decreases. This isn’t something you want to get rid of! Glycogen is your body’s energy source! Decreasing this means your muscles will fatigue much more quickly!
  • Corticosteroids increase.  So cortisol and cortisone aren’t good for weight loss and actually add to stomach fat retention. Elevated levels of this hormone will depress the immune system too! So basically overtraining gives you a higher chance of being sick.
  • Your heart goes into overdrive. Both your resting heart rate and training heart rate will be increased. Chill a bit! don’t hurt your heart.
  • Your performance will be worse. Your ability to perform will plateau without a doubt! it might even get worse and by perform im talking about continuing training, growing muscle, getting stronger etc.
  • You’ll lose muscle mass. Constantly breaking down your muscles with no recovery means no more muscles.
  • You’ll feel pretty bad. The tiny tears in your guns won’t be able to heal and this will result in inflammation, swelling and tenderness.

Seriously do not over train!