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Why use Premier Sports

Our main goal at Premier Sports is to find highly qualified trainers and give them a profile that expands there presence on the web. We whittle down the PTs who aren’t fully committed or passionate about their jobs which gives you the head start you need in the Gym. We want PTs who love helping clients achieve their goals and that’s exactly what we want to help you with too.


So do you want to be in shape? do you fancy losing the few pounds you’ve put on in the past few months? going to Ibiza for for a couple of weeks? whatever your reason is, we want to kick start your time in the gym by pairing you up with a highly qualified PT. This will make a massive difference in your training too, a PT helps keep count, they keep things fun and you’re pretty much getting a therapy session too – finding a PT that you can talk nonsense to while you’re working out makes your time in the gym a thousand times better.

Don’t find the gym a daunting place and if you do perhaps a trainer is the thing you need to get over that fear. Check out some of the personal trainers from Aberdeen below! Read their reviews, check out their social media channels and get in shape!

Fitness in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Sports Village, Sport Aberdeen, DW fitness, CN Fitness Brit milfit, Pure Gym, The Gym.. There is loads of places in Aberdeen where you can get in shape. If you’re looking to play football check out and goals football. If you’re into Rugby you can check out or  Check out our Gym and Class finder and see what else you can find!

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